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“I recorded a One Small Step conversation. It was a life-giving experience and I am so grateful…One Small Step is a gift to our nation…”

—One Small Step Participant

One Small Step pairs strangers with different beliefs for a 50-minute conversation–about their lives, not about politics. The growing divisions in our country pose a threat to our democracy. Participate in One Small Step and become part of the solution.

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More About One Small Step

One Small Step brings people with different political views together to record a 50-minute conversation–not about politics, but about who we are as people. Each conversation is archived at the Library of Congress. A very small number of interviews are edited into short audio and animated stories that showcase the impact of One Small Step.

One Small Step is based on contact theory, which states that a meaningful interaction between people with opposing views can help turn “thems” into “us-es.” One Small Step’s scientific and systematic approach is supported by a group of advisors that includes scientists, researchers, and psychologists.

Though anyone, anywhere can participate in One Small Step, the work is currently anchored in Wichita, Kansas and Richmond, Virginia. Two new cities will be announced in January 2022. Read about the impact One Small Step is having in The Wichita Eagle.

One Small Step Communities

Click on the boxes below to learn more about One Small Step in Wichita, Kansas and in Richmond, Virginia.

Partner With Us

StoryCorps is looking for partners who can enlist their constituents to record interviews. If you are interested in working side-by-side with StoryCorps to capture these community-changing conversations, please contact us at [email protected]

Partner Spotlight: find out more about One Small Step’s unique partnership with University of Virginia’s Democracy Initiative.

Support for one small step

One Small Step is made possible by the generous support of The Hearthland Foundation, the Fetzer Institute, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Charles Koch Institute.

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