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Record the Conversation of a Lifetime

Record the Conversation of a Lifetime

Since 2003, StoryCorps has built the largest collection of human voices ever archived — and we want to add yours. Our mission is to build connections, encourage compassion between people, and share stories, big and small. Have an incredible story to tell? Want to have a meaningful talk with someone important in your life? We’d love for you to join in and preserve your voice for future generations. It’s simple to get started!

You and your partner can record a conversation either using StoryCorps’ self directed recording tools or at one of the StoryCorps recording sites.

RECORD using self-directed tools

Record with Someone In the Same Room

Download the free StoryCorps App to record with someone in the same room, with help from our DIY resources.


Record with Someone in Another Location

Record with loved ones across the street or across the country from your web browser with StoryCorps Connect.

RECORD at one of our recording sites

Find us on the road

StoryCorps’ Mobile Tour travels across the country, partnering with local organizations to record and preserve the stories of their communities. Book an appointment to record either in-person or virtually on one of our upcoming Mobile Tour stops. (Currently our Mobile Tour is in El Paso, TX — book your appointment today! )

Visit our Atlanta Booth

Since 2013, StoryCorps’ Atlanta Booth located at the Atlanta History Center has recorded and preserved thousands of conversations. Are you in Atlanta? Invite a loved one and book an appointment to record either in-person or through Atlanta’s virtual recording booth.

Storycorps recording 101

StoryCorps and Underrepresented Voices

StoryCorps is committed to recording, preserving and amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups. We strive to share stories from people with different backgrounds and experiences. Explore stories from our collections and add your voice to one of our special recording projects.

the storycorps experience for organizations


Our Learning & Engagement department trains organizations on StoryCorps’ values, insights, and best practices in order to support a culture of listening and celebrate community stories. We lead workshops and develop educational resources through in-depth collaboration.

create engaging content that brings a personal voice to your campaigns

With StoryCorps Studios, we tell your brand’s story through the voices of real people using an award-winning approach to recording conversations, producing content, and sharing best practices.

Your support makes it possible for StoryCorps, an independently funded nonprofit, to collect, archive, and share the stories of people from all backgrounds because everyone’s stories deserve to be heard.