Introducing One Small Step Connect - StoryCorps

Introducing One Small Step Connect

StoryCorps is proud to announce the launch of One Small Step Connect (OSS Connect) which allows two people with different political beliefs to record a virtual conversation—not about politics, but about who we are as people. Now anyone, anywhere, can participate in One Small Step and show the rest of the country what it means to have the courage to listen.

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One Small Step

Created by StoryCorps, One Small Step is an effort to remind the country of the humanity in all of us, even those with whom we disagree. The initiative brings strangers with different political views together to record a 50-minute conversation—not to debate politics—but to learn who we are as people. Audio recordings of each interview are archived at the Library of Congress.

How It Works

Go to OSS Connect

Share aspects about yourself and your political views in our questionnaire.

Get Matched

Potential matches are suggested; you choose your conversation partner.

Have a Conversation

Use our tools and guidance to have a respectful, self-facilitated conversation.

Watch real participants share why they took One Small Step

Hear Real One Small Step Conversations

Our approach fosters connection and unity in an increasingly divided nation. Discover shared values and challenge your assumptions by hearing One Small Step participants have civil conversations across differences.

Watch and share Cassandra and Dave's conversation.

Watch and share Wane and Alton's conversation.

Watch and share Drew and Joshua's conversation.

Watch and share Deborah and Larry's conversation.

“I just want to leave everything better than when I came. Right? And it doesn’t take politics. It takes an open mind.”

Photo of Joshua, the author of the quote Joshua in his One Small Step Conversation with Drew

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Have a Question?

Find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How is One Small Step connected to StoryCorps?

OSS is one of StoryCorps’ most important initiatives. We piloted the initiative in 2017 and launched it in 2021. The initiative uses StoryCorps' tested and trusted methods for encouraging meaningful conversations and sharing individual stories that empower everyday people to bridge divides.

How do conversations take place?

If you live in or near one of our Anchor Communities or Radio Station Hubs, your conversation will be guided by a staff member and take place either in person or virtually. If you live elsewhere in the country, you can access our digital platform OSS Connect and participate in a virtual conversation.

What is the difference between facilitated and self-facilitated conversations?

A "facilitated" conversation is moderated by a StoryCorps staffer who guides the conversation process. A "self-facilitated" conversation is self-directed and conducted through our One Small Step Connect platform. This virtually guided experience is supported by a robust set of resources to help you have a rewarding and successful conversation experience.

Will my One Small Step conversation be shared publicly?

An audio recording of your conversation will be uploaded to the Library of Congress and to StoryCorps’ online archive. You and your conversation partner can decide together if you want to make your conversation public or private. If you choose to make your conversation public, we may decide to use snippets from your conversation in short animations that we share broadly through social media, on our website, and on our partners’ digital outlets.

What does StoryCorps do with the information I share in the questionnaire?

Your privacy matters. Your data helps us to match you with the right partner so you have a satisfying conversation, but we are careful to limit the amount of information we share on your behalf. Read the information on your matching questionnaire carefully to understand what information is shared with potential conversation partners (this includes a short biography you provide about yourself.) We encourage you to be thoughtful about sharing any personally identifiable information. Read our institutional privacy policy.