We’re deep into the summer — it’s hot! — and that can make many of us miserable. In this episode, we’re giving up on beating the heat. Instead of beaches or summer escapes, we’re embracing the heat with stories of heat waves, hot tempers, and fiery explosions.

One of the stories featured in this podcast is that of Jessica and Anthony Villarreal, originally broadcast in 2013. Since their interview, the Villarreals have brought a son into the world: Anthony Junior.

Released August 9, 2017.

Like the music in this episode? Support the artists:
The Great Artiste – “Heroin Love”
Lionel Hampton – “Hot Mallets” “Filing Away”
Laura Ortman – “Detours for Creatures,” “Reprise the Sunrise”
Chuck Berry – “Johnny B. Goode”
Boom Bip – “The  Use of Unacceptable Colors in Nature”
Christopher Bowen – “A Girl Only Prettier”
Tape – “Reperto”