As a very difficult LGBT Pride Month comes to a close, StoryCorps podcast producers Michael Garofalo and Nadia Reiman turn to children to share three LGBTQ stories that encapsulate the honesty, intimacy, and love that we could all use a lot more of.


Our first story comes from Chris López and her son Gabe (pictured in the player above). Chris always knew there was something different about her youngest child; assigned female at birth, Gabe always felt like he was a boy.

Following his seventh birthday, Gabe convinced his parents to let him cut off his long hair and get a Mohawk. He also started dressing only in clothing often designated for boys while answering both publicly and privately to “he” and not “she.”

Gabe came to StoryCorps with his mother to talk about what it’s been like for him to be transgender, and his fears about the future.

After the interview, Von Diaz who produced the piece joined the podcast to provide an update on Gabe’s life since his story aired in May on NPR.

Our next piece comes from the early days of StoryCorps. In 2004, Kaitlyn Sever, 10, came to StoryCorps with her mother Lynn (pictured above). Lynn, who is gay, wanted to ask her daughter questions about her future: What do you want to be when you grow up? Who would you like to marry? Do you want to have kids?

MBX005996_g2When she was done, Kaitlyn turned the tables and asked her mother questions as well—the most pointed being, “How has being a parent changed you?” Lynn’s answer is both honest and touching.

Finally we hear from MJ Seide and 12-year-old Genna Alperin (pictured at left). When MJ and Genna’s grandmother, Marty Jacobson, fell in love with each other, MJ explains to Genna that Marty was the first person who ever proudly told her that they loved her. With their shared love, it took no time for MJ to become a part of Marty and Genna’s tight family.

MJ and Genna came to StoryCorps so that MJ, also one of Genna’s favorite grandmothers, could share stories of love, family, and roller coasters.

Their first interview was recorded in 2010, and recently, MJ was invited back to StoryCorps with Marty to talk more about their love story and some of the things MJ wishes she had done differently.

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