When people come to StoryCorps, they often sit down with a loved one to talk about things they haven’t spoken about before. On this podcast episode, we’re going to hear some of those conversations; specifically, between families who are going through conflict but also working through it. 

We start with Jade Rone who grew up in the Philadelphia foster care system. She spent the majority of her childhood living with her foster mother, Ms. Jessica. But when Jade was 17, Ms. Jessica became very sick, and died shortly after. 

In 2015, Jade was placed in a new foster home, and those early months with her new foster mom — Stacia Parker — were rocky. 

Photo: Jade Rone and Stacia Parker at their StoryCorps interview in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By Ava Ahmadbeigi for StoryCorps.

The pair came to StoryCorps in 2019 to remember the first time they met, and how their relationship deepened over time.

Next, we’ll hear about a road trip that brought a family back together.

When T. Chick McClure was growing up, they were really close with their dad, Chas McClure. They spent time fishing, sledding, and playing together in the backyard. 

Photo: Chas McClure and T. Chick McClure in 1973. Courtesy of T. Chick McClure

But when Chick was 14 years old, their parents divorced; Chick stayed with their mom and Chas moved away for his job in the Navy. They were distant for the next 30 years, speaking only occasionally.

But in 2018, they decided to change that by setting off on a two-week road trip together across the Southwest. 

It was an opportunity to get closer, and for Chick — in particular — an opportunity to share things they hadn’t yet vocalized to their dad.

Photo: Chas McClure and T. Chick McClure at their hotel on a trip around the Southwest US. Courtesy of  T. Chick McClure.
Top Photo: Artwork by Rosalyn Yoon