On this week’s podcast, stories about people meeting some of their heroes — both famous and not.

Our first story comes from New York City, where Ed Trinka (above), a doorman at the legendary Plaza Hotel, talks with Debra Goodman. They met on Debra’s morning commute — she passed by the Plaza each day, and Ed never failed to say hello.

Our second story comes from Wisconsin where Jim Krawczyk (below) grew up. He recounts a road trip he took to New Hampshire to meet his hero, J.D. Salinger. Arriving in the town of Cornish, Jim had a door slammed in his face by Salinger’s ex-wife but was later allowed into the home of the reclusive author by Salinger himself.

Our third story was recorded in New York City between two friends who had not seen each other in 40 years. As children, Ralph Tremonte and Donald Weiss (below) were patients at a New York state psychiatric institution. Both were deeply affected by the experience but Ralph uses their StoryCorps conversation as an opportunity to offer his old friend support, encouragement, and advice to try not to look back on their difficult childhood experiences.


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Originally released October 20, 2015.