Shortly after Darius Clark Monroe’s 16th birthday, he and two of his friends robbed a bank at gunpoint. Darius had been an honors student in Houston, Texas, and this was his first run-in with the law. He served the next three years in prison. But 20 years later, that day stayed with him. So Darius began finding some of the customers who were at the bank during the robbery. One of them was David Ned, a pastor and father of four.


Next, we’ll hear about another complicated reunion between Bryan Wilmoth and his brother Mike. A family of eight siblings, they were raised in a strict, religious household in central California. Bryan was the eldest, the classic big brother. But when Bryan was 19, their dad kicked him out after finding a love letter he’d received from another man. It wasn’t until all of Bryan’s siblings left their family home, that he reconnected with his brother.


In this episode of the StoryCorps podcast, these four men reflect on relationships that started out rocky, and the eventual reunions that led to second chances.

Top photo: Artwork by Eleanor Davis.
Second photo: Darius Clark Monroe and David Ned at their StoryCorps interview in New York, New York. Photo by John White.
Bottom photo: Mike Wilmoth and his brother Bryan Wilmoth at their StoryCorps interview in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Chaela Herridge-Meyer.

Released on January 22, 2019.

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