Father’s Day offers us a chance to recognize the role that dads and fatherhood have played in our lives. Enjoy our collection of stories celebrating father figures and the many ways they support and shape us.

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From Our Animation Series, Father Figures

Double Major

When Wil Smith enrolled as a freshman in college, he brought an unusual roommate with him — his infant daughter. Wil and Olivia look back together on their days as college roommates.

Leading the Way

John Washington, 95, was born blind and with a severe loss of hearing. He sat down with his eldest child for a conversation about the pride he takes in his kids and to laugh over some of their childhood hijinks.

A Wonderful Life

The memories may be hazy, but the feelings are clear. Ken Morganstern, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years before this conversation with his daughters Priya and Bhavani, discusses his most important legacy — his loving family.

My Aunties

Stefan Lynch remembers the community of gay men – lovingly nicknamed his “aunties” – who helped raise him, the dark days of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and the lessons that he learned from this powerful family.

More Stories for Father’s Day

"When you and I communicate with each other, we can do it by beats."
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A Father-Daughter Beatboxing Duo on Making Music

Ed Cage has been beatboxing to his daughter Nicole Paris since before she was born. They talk about their shared love for the art, and each other.

“I remember feeding him; watching him close his eyes with each spoonful.”
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For a Father’s Last Meal, the Main Ingredient Is Love

Sisters Estela and Candi Reyes remember their father, Juan Reyes, and the love they shared through food while caring for him in his final days.

Driving Lessons

Muhammad Faridi talks to his father about what it was like to grow up as the son of a NYC cab driver. Though he was once embarrassed, Muhammad now takes pride in his father’s work.

The Saint of Dry Creek

When he was a teenager in a rural town in the 1950s, Patrick Haggerty began to understand he was gay. After performing at a school assembly, he received some life-changing advice from his dad.

“Some of my earliest memories are of us playing his video games.”
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He Created His Destiny

Anderson and Karen Lawson remember their father, engineer Gerald Lawson, and how his pioneering spirit influenced their childhood in 1970s Silicon Valley.

"He always seemed so grateful for living."
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A Gentle Giant

Libby Stroik talks about finding a kindred spirit in her grandfather, Harry Golomski, and about her treasured memories of their quiet mornings in rural Wisconsin.

Daddy’s Lessons

Arguster and Lebronze Davis grew up on their family’s farm in Wetumpka, Alabama in the ‘50s. They remember life on the farm and the many lessons of their dad, Ben Davis.

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