Patrick Haggerty grew up the son of a dairy farmer in rural Washington during the 1950s.


As a teenager, Patrick (above) began to understand he was gay—something he thought he was hiding well.

But, as he told his daughter Robin (right), someone was onto him. One day, when he went to perform at a school assembly, his father, Charles Edward Haggerty, decided to have a serious talk with him.

Patrick later formed a band, Lavender Country, whose self-titled 1973 album is the first-known gay-themed album in country music history.

Click here to watch 2016 Sundance Film Festival selection “The Saint of Dry Creek”—Patrick’s story told as a StoryCorps animated short.

Originally aired June 27, 2014, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Bottom photo: Patrick Haggery in a 4-H drag show in 1959 courtesy of Paradise of Bachelors.