20th Anniversary - StoryCorps

Celebrating two decades since our founding in October of 2003, StoryCorps has documented the stories of more than 640,000 people nationwide; giving voice to the tapestry of the American experience. We’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles through our Mobile Tour, broadcast more than a thousand stories on NPR, created and shared hundreds of short animations, published five best selling books, and fostered connections across the country. Most importantly, we’ve remained committed to our mission: to help us believe in each other by illuminating the humanity and possibility in us all—one story at a time. 

celebrating 20 Years

To honor two decades of storytelling, we will be sharing a series of classic StoryCorps stories—like you’ve never heard them before. 


In honor of StoryCorps’ 20th anniversary, our classic fixture on NPR’s Morning Edition shared a series of special extended broadcasts that revisited five classic StoryCorps conversations, with updates on our participants. Listen to a few of our favorite classics revisited.


Celebrate our anniversary with a collection of five new animations that reflect the breadth of meaningful conversations that people have shared in StoryCorps Booths over the last 20 years, as they pass on wisdom they gained along their paths and even connect over a shared laugh.


As StoryCorps turns 20, we reflect on our journey and anticipate the future. This special podcast season will feature eight new episodes celebrating our history from inception to the present, and pays tribute to everyone who has contributed to StoryCorps’ success over the past two decades.


From the story of how StoryCorps began to broadcast on NPR’s Morning Edition to our favorite 20 stories from the last 20 years—we will be sharing a series of blogs that take you behind the scenes.

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