From the tale of how we found our place on NPR’s Morning Edition to the story behind how we began producing animations, we’re thrilled to offer you a glimpse behind the curtains. These blogs will illuminate the heartwarming narratives, the passionate individuals, and the sheer dedication that make StoryCorps the celebrated organization it is today.

The Story of StoryCorps on Morning Edition

Every Friday morning on NPR, the StoryCorps theme music starts to play, a Morning Edition host says, “…and now, it’s time for StoryCorps,” and our audience prepares to smile, laugh or cry with one of the hundreds of thousands of everyday people who have shared their personal stories with loved ones–and the world–through StoryCorps. But, how did StoryCorps, with its profound ability to touch hearts and minds, end up as a beloved Friday-morning fixture on Morning Edition?

From Story to Screen: How Animations at StoryCorps Began

StoryCorps’ animated shorts bring the voices and stories of everyday people from all walks of life to the screen. You might have first come to know StoryCorps by seeing one of our animations — maybe online, at a movie theater, in a classroom, on TV, or even on a Delta Airlines flight. But for StoryCorps, creating animations to illustrate our stories wasn’t part of the initial plan. It all started back in 2007, when an intern took a risk.

20 Stories for 20 Years of StoryCorps

For two decades, StoryCorps has shared countless stories through broadcasts, animations, and podcasts. As StoryCorps marks its 20th birthday, and we’re celebrating with 20 iconic stories from our archive.


Celebrating two decades since our founding in October of 2003, StoryCorps has documented the stories of more than 640,000 people nationwide; giving voice to the tapestry of the American experience. See how we’re celebrating this important milestone!