Every Friday this September, StoryCorps’ classic fixture on NPR’s Morning Edition segment is sharing a series of special extended broadcasts that revisit five classic StoryCorps conversations, with updates on where our participants are today. Listen to a few of our favorite classics revisited.

20 Years Later A Couple Reflects On A Tender Moment Captured In The StoryCorps Booth

“I have no idea what I’ll be doing. But I know I’ll be with you.”
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It’s been nearly two decades since Mike Wolmetz got down on one knee at the StoryCorps booth in Grand Central Terminal to propose to Debora Brakarz. Their love story was one of the first we ever broadcast on the radio back in 2004. Now, as StoryCorps marks its 20th anniversary, we’re brought full circle as they return to share their journey—from the proposal to parenting.

A family’s legacy of service, sacrifice, and fatherhood after 9/11

“Today, I'm a police officer with the same unit that my father was a member of.”
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Back in 2007, John Vigiano Sr. shared the story of his two sons — John Vigiano Jr. and Joe Vigiano — who died in the line of duty during the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. At StoryCorps, as we reflect on our past two decades for our anniversary, we check back in with the Vigiano family for an extended reflection on their family’s legacy.

Mom’s Advice to Son With Tough Questions: “To Thine Own Self Be True”

“Did I turn out to be the son you wanted?”
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In their first StoryCorps recording in 2006, 12-year-old Joshua Littman and his mom, Sarah Darer Littman, shared a heartwarming conversation on a range of life topics. For more than a decade, we’ve witnessed Josh and his mother trace his transition into adulthood. Through StoryCorps conversations, we’ve celebrated crucial milestones in Josh and Sarah’s lives. Now, in commemoration of our 20th anniversary, the mother-son duo return to share the next chapter of their lives.

Listen to the original conversation or watch it reimagined as an animation.

Listen to the conversation Josh and Sarah shared in 2011.

Listen to the conversation Josh and Sarah shared in 2017.

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