During Disability Pride Month, we come together to celebrate the strength, resilience, and diversity of individuals living with disabilities. It’s a time to uplift their voices and share the richness of their experiences. We proudly dedicate this collection to their stories, as well as the invaluable support and admiration offered by their loved ones.

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At First Glance

Max Starkloff was a giant of a man, especially in the eyes of his family. When he was in his early 20s, a near-fatal car accident left him quadriplegic and living in a nursing home. It was there that he met his future wife, Colleen Kelly Starkloff. Read the full transcript here.

Leading the Way

John Washington was born blind and developed a severe loss of hearing over time. In a conversation with his daughter, John shares the pride he took in raising his children. Read the full transcript here.

“If you had walked away and left me there, nobody would have looked askance.”
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We Have One Heart

Yomi Wrong expresses her admiration and thanks her mom, Sarah Churchill, for never giving up on her. Recorded in partnership with the Disability Visibility Project. Read the full transcript here.

"Here comes this guy into my office. Drop dead gorgeous."
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Everything We Did, We Did Together

Meaghan Starkloff Breitenstein sits down with her daughter, Colleen Kelly Starkloff, to remember her husband Max, who was left quadriplegic following a fatal car accident in his twenties. Recorded in partnership with the Disability Visibility Project. Read the full transcript here.

Bonnie and Myra Brown

In an interview with her daughter, Bonnie Brown shares the hopes and fears she experienced as a single mom with an intellectual disability. Read the full transcript here.

Q & A

Sarah Littman talks with her son Joshua about everything from her experience raising a child with Asperger syndrome, to what life would be like without animals. Read the full transcript here.
“We looked like a very scary situation coming in there. And we turned into a party people wanted to join.”
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A Visit to the ER Takes an Unexpected Turn

When Ellen Hughes entered the emergency room with her son Walker, she recognized that she was in what looked like a scary situation. But thanks to Public Safety Sergeant Keith Miller, their group became a party people wanted to join. Read the full transcript here.
"I don’t know what I’d do without you, because I cannot stand being alone."
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Brothers Living with Autism on Navigating Through Work and Life

Being born only a year apart meant that brothers Russell and Remmick could lean on each other while they navigated the working world as adults with autism. Read the full transcript here.

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