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The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

What Is The Great Thanksgiving Listen?

The Great Thanksgiving Listen encourages young people—and people of all ages—to create an oral history of our times by recording an interview with an elder, mentor, friend, or someone they admire.

With permission, interviews become part of the StoryCorps Archive at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. More than 650,000 people have participated in StoryCorps to date, making it the largest single collection of voices ever gathered.

While anyone can participate in the Great Thanksgiving Listen, it is largely educator driven. Since the first Great Listen in 2015, thousands of educators from all 50 states have encouraged their students to record and preserve interviews, providing families with a priceless piece of personal history.

Our Tools For Recording Your Story

Before starting a new class, students and teachers make sure they have the right notebooks and pencils. The same is true for anyone who wants to be a part of The Great Listen. Pick which tools works best for you; we can support lots of different situations.


StoryCorps in Your Classroom

If you have been with us before and are simply looking for our updated Educator Toolkit with multimedia resources, lesson plans, and a guide to support you in bringing this assignment to your students, visit our Great Listen Library of Materials.

Connect directly with other educators and StoryCorps staff in our StoryCorps in the Classroom Facebook group, and find answers to your technical support questions in our Help Center.

Pledge to participate in this year’s Great Listen by signing up below. Not only will you be raising your hand to be a part of an important effort to create a culture of listening and bring StoryCorps into your classroom, you will also receive a series of emails chock-full of useful tools like suggested lesson plans, worksheets, and stories.

StoryCorps in your Home

The Great Thanksgiving Listen was developed for students to interview an elder and contribute their voices to the Library of Congress, but anyone with an interest in storytelling can participate. We actively encourage people of all ages to create your own unique oral history with an elder or loved one in your life, and help transform the holidays into a time of intergenerational sharing.