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For Individuals

For Individuals

Let’s Get Listening!

Download the Free StoryCorps App

Before starting a new class, students and teachers make sure they have the right notebooks and pencils. The same is true for anyone who wants to be a part of The Great Listen. You will need access to a smartphone (iPhone or Android) or Kindle tablet and to download the free StoryCorps App to participate.



Get the Printable Placemat

It’s the connections they’ll remember more than the centerpiece or the stuffing. Download and print the official 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen placemat, in whatever quantity you need, and you’ll have a sampler platter of Great Questions closer than the salt shaker. Use them as ice-breakers around the table, then after the meal find a quiet place and record your interview with the free StoryCorps App.

Download Printable PDF (size: 8.5″ x 11″)

Under the app’s terms of use: Children under the age of 13 may not participate in The Great Thanksgiving Listen, and parental consent is required for people under the age of 18 to register for a StoryCorps App account.

If you choose to require a parental permission slip, we have included sample one here that you can easily customize to your needs. (Please note: The permission slip is for community use only and should not be submitted to StoryCorps.)

After recording, everyone will have the option to publish their interviews. There are three privacy options when publishing your interview:

  • Public:Your interview and related information are available to anyone on the web.
  • StoryCorps Community: Your interview and related information are available to anyone with an account on the StoryCorps Archive.
  • Private: Your interview and related information are private.

You can also choose NOT to publish the interview. The audio file and photo will remain saved locally on the device. It will not be uploaded to the Library of Congress.

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