Grandparents are important figures in many of our lives. Their wisdom echoes across generations. Their stories can be comforting, funny, entertaining, and make us feel loved no matter what. Explore this collection of stories from and about grandparents, and the wisdom they share.

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Sunday at Rocco’s

Nicholas Petron’s grandfather, Rocco Galasso, moved to New York City from Italy with the hopes of making a better life. Nicholas shared his grandfather’s success, and their Sunday traditions at StoryCorps. Read the full transcript here.

Labor of Love

Mary Stepp Burnette Hayden was born into enslavement in North Carolina, and was 7 years old when she was freed. She stayed in Black Mountain and became a midwife, delivering several hundred babies including her own grandchildren. Read the full transcript here.

Lola’s Work

Kenneth Tan and his mother remember the remarkable life of his grandmother, whom he called Lola. Through all the hard times and hard work, Lola was a devoted and loving grandmother. Read the full transcript here.

My Father, the Giant

Thompson Williams remembers his father, a larger-than-life tribal leader of the Caddo Nation and a veteran of World War II. Read the full transcript here.

Mi Abuela Panchita

Bishop Ricardo Ramierez remembers his grandmother Panchita Espitia as a formidable and wise woman. He shares her memory and the valuable spiritual lesson she taught him at the end of her days. Read the full transcript here.

An Honest Life

When Tony Perri was 17 years old he went to confession and told his priest that he was attracted to men. At StoryCorps, Tony talks with his grandson Jeffrey about coming out, and Jeffrey talks about his own coming out experience. Read the full transcript here.

Silvia’s Legacy

In the 1950s Ellaraino, then age 16, was sent to Louisiana to visit her great-grandmother Silvia, who had lived through the Civil War. That summer, Silvia shared the moment she got her freedom. Read the full transcript here.

"He always seemed so grateful for living."
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A Granddaughter Honors Her “Gentle Giant”

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Libby Stroik remembered she liked to pass her days reading, playing the piano, or writing; finding solace in the peacefulness of these solo activities. But Libby was adopted into a large family, so it could be hard to find these moments of quiet. But there was one person with whom Libby always felt comfortable: her grandfather, Harry Golomski. Visiting him and Grandma on their farm in rural Wisconsin was somewhat of an occasion for Libby as they lived a few hours away. Decades later, when Libby sat down with StoryCorps for this conversation, Harry was living in an assisted living facility and losing his memory. So she came alone to honor Harry’s quietly joyful soul, and remember how he always made her feel special. Read the full transcript here.

"Every mile marker we passed, I was one minute closer to just being loved."
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Finding Sanctuary at Aunt Shirley’s Farm

Tina Dietz grew up in rural North Dakota in the 1980s. Though her home life was turbulent, there was one place she felt most loved. In 2018, she came to StoryCorps with her partner, Patrick Conteh, to remember.

Read the full transcript here.

Stories From Our Archive

Alisha Laramee and Douglas Haynes

Alisha talks to Doug about her grandmother, and their family’s traditions.

Eliezer Krumbein and Sarah-Bess Dworin

Sarah-Bess Dworin (41) relives the memory of her grandmother in this conversation with her grandfather Eliezer Krumbein (93).

Monica Eager and Tiffany Eager

Sisters Monica and Tiffany Eager trade stories about their maternal grandparents, Grandma Lily and Grandpa Cliff.

Theresa Haynes and Stephanie Harrell

A grandmother and granddaughter chat about growing up in Brooklyn.