Grandparents, parents, mentors, teachers, and more — father figures come in many forms. Our animation season, “Father Figures,” honors paternal figures and their significant roles in our lives. Watch stories paying tribute to the invaluable wisdom, sacrifice, and influence of fathers, as we express our deep appreciation for their steadfast support and boundless love.

Double Major

When Wil Smith enrolled as a freshman in college, he brought an unusual roommate with him — his infant daughter. Wil and Olivia look back together on their days as college roommates. Read the full transcript here.

Leading the Way

John Washington, 95, was born blind and with a severe loss of hearing. He sat down with his eldest child for a conversation about the pride he takes in his kids and to laugh over some of their childhood hijinks. Read the full transcript here.

A Wonderful Life

The memories may be hazy, but the feelings are clear. Ken Morganstern, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years before this conversation with his daughters Priya and Bhavani, discusses his most important legacy — his loving family. Read the full transcript here.

My Aunties

Stefan Lynch remembers the community of gay men – lovingly nicknamed his “aunties” — who helped raise him, the dark days of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and the lessons that he learned from this powerful family. Read the full transcript here.

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