StoryCorps’ One Small Step (OSS) and Dartmouth have announced a three-year partnership that will bring the initiative to their students, faculty, staff, and alumni, beginning in January 2024. One Small Step aims to reduce political polarization by bringing two unaquainted people together from across the political divide to get to know each other as human beings. On campus, students, faculty, staff, and alumni will be encouraged to participate in OSS conversations with those who hold opposing political views. This is our first-ever university-wide, comprehensive OSS partnership and to help scale the effort, OSS will train students to become certified OSS facilitators who help guide the conversations and create a comfortable and meaningful experience for participants.

“We are thrilled to have Dartmouth join us in our effort to bridge the divides in our country, one conversation at a time,” said Dave Isay, founder and president of StoryCorps. “Currently, with political tensions on college campuses at an all-time high, Dartmouth can serve as a role model in higher education for reducing political polarization, promoting free expression, building community, and creating a meaningful student experience.”

This partnership is part of a larger effort by StoryCorps to engage college campuses in OSS. For example, since 2021, StoryCorps has partnered with the University of Virginia’s Karsh Institute of Democracy, as part of our OSS DIY program, with more higher education partnerships to be announced in the near future.