About Me:
First and foremost, I am, and will always be, an “island girl:” a proud product of the Spice Isle, Grenada. Second to this, is a tenacious woman with many layers—loving them all! When I am not engrossed in matters concerning my love for business, finance, and corporate strategy, you can find me absorbed in my passion for all things entertainment, including music, movies, books, video games, and sports! Above all, I am an avid lover of life, nature, and adventure.

What is your role and how long have you been with the organization?
I am the Senior Analyst, Accounting and Finance within StoryCorps’ Finance department. I started this position on November 15, 2021.

What does your job entail?
Ideally, my job responsibilities comprise analyzing and evaluating financial data, assisting with financial planning, reporting, and budgeting processes, developing financial models, and preparing projections. Due to recent transitions within the department, the team has been chipping in where, when, and as needed.

What are the challenges of your job?
Chiefly, keeping abreast of the dynamism of the organization, both internally and externally. Internally, we receive tons of requests daily, most of which have set delivery deadlines or need a somewhat speedy turnaround. Externally, economical changes occur so rapidly and frequently that data used for projections or developing a budget today can quickly be deemed outdated by tomorrow.

What are the rewards of your job?
There are so many that time will not permit me to list them all, but I’ve narrowed it down to the top two: 1) I get to work alongside some of the most adept and proficient mentors and colleagues anyone can ask for and they are all equally good-natured and conscientious. Moreover, StoryCorps truly has an amazing organizational team: a melting pot of genuine, supportive, and creative people. 2) In Finance, we get a numerical bird’s eye view of the entire organization, including all the moving parts and how they gel together; the mission translated into figures. It is absolutely AMAZING because it provides a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond finance, with tangible and transferable skills to last a lifetime!

What is your favorite StoryCorps story?
Danny & Annie. Love in its truest, purest sense often appears very elusive and illusive. Through Danny and Annie, one gets to experience—if only for a moment—what undiluted love is: the kind of love that many spend a lifetime to find. This story is truly one of the bedrocks of
StoryCorps’ archive. An absolute must-listen!

Why do you think everyone should record a story with StoryCorps?
When life plays its hand of finality, all we are left with are memories. Memories of our childhood and loved ones. But memories, with time, are blurred and scattered. Recording a story with StoryCorps cements these memories, affording generations to come a historical outlook and an equal chance to share in the beauty of life through the experiences of others.


You’ve only got one shot at life! Live it fully! Live it completely! Live it unapologetically you!