March 27, 2023 marks the seventh annual celebration of Muslim Women’s Day. Established in response to the Muslim Ban in 2017, the global initiative stands to elevate Muslim women’s representation and to amplify their voices and stories. At StoryCorps, we are honoring Muslim women by sharing stories that communicate their diverse experiences.

Add your voice and story to our Archive, alongside those of other Muslim women, by recording a conversation with a loved one. You can record in-person using the StoryCorps App or remotely using StoryCorps Connect. Show your participation in the global campaign by adding #MuslimWomensDay to the description of your interview!

Listen to some stories that honor muslim women

How her life changed after 9/11 | When we listen

Listen to Amani, founder of Muslim Girl talk with her father about their experiences with their faith living in New York City, and why she’s proud to be Muslim.


Dana Aljubouri, a devout Muslim living in Jacksonville, FL, is eager to don the hijab. However, her mother, Basma Alawee, worries about the experiences this decision to cover her hair might bring. At StoryCorps, Dana and Basma sit down to discuss the responsibilities that come with a hijab.

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