2019 Annual Report Playlist - StoryCorps

2019 Annual Report Playlist

Listen to stories featured in StoryCorps’ 2019 Annual Report.


Reflections on COVID-19

Tobey Isay and Jane Isay

A Driver’s Heart

Tyrone Hampton and Frank de Jesus

Together at a Distance

Dr. Roberto Vargas, Xavier Vargas, and Susan Vargas

Stronger Than You Feel

Dan Flynn and Shannon Doty

Remembered for His Military Service, Lost to COVID-19

Hannah Sibley-Liddle and Emily Aho

Remembering The Pain Of A Mother’s Deportation

Pedro Lopez

How One Woman’s Path to Being Herself Led Her Home

Elizabeth Coffey-Williams and Jennifer Coffey

A Love story in 10,000 Books

Paru Venkat and Alagappa Rammohan

Reflecting on Dr. Tiller’s Abortion Care

Natalie Young and David Young

The Terrible Ten

Jack ReVelle and Karen ReVelle

Livesaving Aid at the Mexico-Arizona Border

Alma Schlor and Maria Ochoa