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StoryCorps Tribal Libraries is a program that provides tribal libraries and libraries that serve Native communities with the resources and training to implement our interview methods within a framework of high-quality library programming and cultural preservation. The program is made possible with generous support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Selected Stories


Misty Cook (Coast Pomo) and Sky Road Webb (Coast Miwok) came to StoryCorps as part of the San Francisco StoryBooth’s partnership with the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival (AICLS).
During their interview, friends and musical collaborators Misty and Sky share their experiences of learning their native language through music. They sing a song that they co-wrote about mourning, or, as Sky describes it, a song about “getting out of your mourning” — a beautiful reminder of the potential for joy and connection even in the midst of sadness and loss.

This interview was facilitated by Geraldine Ah-Sue and produced by Dan Collison.


Since early 2015, the Nisqually Tribal Library has been recording interviews within their community as part of both the StoryCorps @ your library and StoryCorps Tribal Libraries programs. With support from Nisqually archivist Shannon Kravitz, Kurtis Bullchild has interviewed more than 20 community members.

In 2015, Kurtis (Nisqually and Blackfoot) invited his sister-in-law, Betty Pacheco (Nisqually, Chehalis, and Potawatomi), to talk about her experiences as a master weaver and how her craft connects her with both her family and her culture.

This interview was facilitated by Shannon Kravitz and produced by Dan Collison.


Irene Lopez-Casillas talks to her 11-year-old granddaughter, Cordelia McDaniel, about the importance of learning about Native American culture and traditions.

Irene describes the discrimination that she faced as a child and how her grandmother told to stay out of the sun so that people would not know she was Native, and shares her happiness at seeing Cordelia dance at the Potawatomi Gathering and embracing tradition. In conversation with Cordelia, Irene emphasizes the importance of practicing everything that she has been taught as a way of preserving her language and cultural heritage.

This interview was facilitated by Morgan Fiegel-Stickles in partnership with American Indian Higher Education Consortium, which represents 37 tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) in the United States.

STL Advisory Council

StoryCorps Tribal Libraries is supported by an Advisory Council comprised of tribal library leaders, community members, and experts in indigenous ways of knowing. The Advisory Council has been instrumental in providing guidance on how StoryCorps can provide culturally competent trainings and facilitate an archival process that is respectful of tribal laws and indigenous knowledge.

Advisory Council Members: Patricia Billings, Kurtis Bullchild, Faith Hagenhofer, Jennifer Himmelreich, Janice Kowemy, Shannon Kravitz, Dr. Loriene Roy, Bari Gayle Morehead Talley

2015/2016 Partners

Quapaw Tribal Library (Quapaw, OK)

Karuk Tribal Library & Museum (Karuk, CA)

Laguna Public Library (Laguna, NM)

Hale Noelo (Honolulu, HI)

Nisqually Tribal Library (Nisqually, WA)

Juneau Public Library (Juneau, AK)

Do-It-Yourself Resources

StoryCorps is committed to supporting tribal and public libraries interested in documenting and archiving community stories or oral histories. We have created a free, downloadable Toolkit for Success that specifically provides libraries with the resources they needed to begin their oral history collection. Access it here.