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Learning and Engagement

Learning and Engagement

Whether your goal is to inspire an audience with the StoryCorps mission, help your team become practiced interviewers and storytellers, or celebrate the stories of your community, StoryCorps offers the support and training you need. Our presentations, workshops, and trainings are a great fit for any organization.

What We Offer


StoryCorps custom presentations speak to the power of stories and storytelling in our everyday lives. These presentations feature produced interviews from the StoryCorps Archive and are open to groups of any size for up to two hours.



StoryCorps workshops provide best practices for recording, preserving, and sharing interviews along with resources for groups interested in building a recording project of their own.

Long-term Partnerships

Begin a long-term project with StoryCorps to celebrate the stories of your community. StoryCorps will train your team to become interview facilitators and embed StoryCorps recordings into your existing services. We’ll provide a three-and-a-half day training to launch the partnership and then work with you and your team to record and archive interviews for a period of at least six months.


Case Studies

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Past Partners

Institute for Human Caring at Providence St. Joseph Health
Minnesota Department of Health
St. Norbert College’s Cassandra Voss Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Climate Science Center
Transparency and Accountability Initiative


“There are so many gifts in life and this experience was one of them.”

“Thank you for a transformative experience for the families and for us as healthcare providers.”

“We had volunteers resurface after time away because they wanted to take part in this initiative. We had donors, volunteers, staff, caregivers, patients, and bereaved family members share their stories and it had the effect of binding us all more closely together. Whenever we mention our partnership with StoryCorps people’s eyes widen and their hearts open. It was an extremely positive experience for us.”

“[Our organization] is proud of its culture for learning and innovating—StoryCorps is unlocking
new perspectives about our patient, family, and staff experience that highlights gaps for
improvements or showcases the amazing miracles that happen here every day—this inspires
the workforce to continue doing the important work they are called to do and think about how
we improve every aspect of care delivery.”