Christy Stewart always loved animals – but she was only allowed one outdoor cat as a kid. Her mother told her that when she grew up, she could have all the pets she wanted. From the time Glenn Turner met Christy more than 20 years ago it was “animals from the get-go,” he said. 

Ben and Natalie Turner with Billy the goat at their home in Atlanta in 2006. Courtesy of Glenn Turner.

Their three children also turned out to be animal lovers, and the family rescued or adopted countless critters over the years. From a wharf rat to a ball python, each brought a unique personality and set of challenges to their home life. 

Glenn, Christy, their three children and dog Nemo in 2010. Courtesy of Glenn Turner.

Glenn said Christy’s calm approach to animals taught him the power of treating all creatures with respect.

Top Photo: Glenn Turner and Christy Stewart at their StoryCorps interview in Atlanta, Georgia on April 5, 2016. By Hillery Rink for StoryCorps.

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Originally aired August 11, 2023 on NPR’s Morning Edition.