For more than seventy years, Field’s Exclusive Service in midtown Manhattan has been arranging marriages for people of all ages, professions, and religions. According to Dan Field, who now runs the business, it all started in Russia with his grandfather, the Rabbi Joseph Field, who had a knack for matchmaking. When the family immigrated to New York in 1917, Rabbi Field decided to turn his gift into a business: Field’s Exclusive Service. He gave it the no-nonsense slogan, “I Can Arrange.”

In 1930, Rabbi Field retired and passed the business on to Dan’s uncle Irving Field (author of the matchmaking opus How to Marry and Find Love and Happiness). Dan Field took over in the ’60s. Since then, he has arranged thousands of marriages.

“I work seven days a week, eighty hours a week. No gimmicks, no nothing — the real old-fashioned way!” Field explains. “I have more than eighty thousand people to choose from — from sixteen to eighty-five. I have all walks of life, all over the world. All religion, all race. I have poor ones, I have rich ones. I have high society, millionaires, models, actors, actresses. I have high class, I have medium. It’s a department store in here. Whoever comes in here, they give me an order, I deliver!”

Recorded in New York City. Premiered February 11, 1990, on Weekend All Things Considered.

This documentary comes from Sound Portraits Productions, a mission-driven independent production company that was created by Dave Isay in 1994. Sound Portraits was the predecessor to StoryCorps and was dedicated to telling stories that brought neglected American voices to a national audience.