For many of us, living through this pandemic is a reminder of the importance of strengthening our connections with loved ones. Now, reflections from a father and son who did just that.

When T. Chick McClure was growing up, they were really close to their dad, Chas McClure. They spent time fishing, sledding, and swinging a bat in the backyard. But when Chick was 14 years old their parents divorced and their dad moved away for his job in the Navy. They spent the next 30 years having a distant relationship, speaking only occasionally.

 Chas McClure and T. Chick McClure in McClure Pass, Colorado. Photo Courtesy of  T. Chick McClure.

But after 30 years Chick decided to change that. Not long after, Chas responded by inviting them on a two week road trip through the Southwest. They used StoryCorps Connect to remember the trip that brought them back together. 

Originally aired August 14, 2020, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Top Photo: T. Chick McClure and Chas McClure in Los Angeles, California. Courtesy of  T. Chick McClure.