Love is in the air, and in theme with the season, we’re sharing stories that celebrate love through different journeys in our animated season: New Beginnings in Love. Explore stories that display love in different forms.

Still the One

In 1997, Les and Scott’s marriage was on the rocks. They had been together for ten years and were raising two children, but Les was hiding something that caused him to fall into a deep depression and withdraw from the rest of the family. Finally, Scott confronted Les, and their family changed forever. At StoryCorps, their family talked about how they supported Les throughout his gender transition and how love served as the foundation of their relationships.

Going Up

Paul Wilson, 93, discusses the first time he set eyes on his wife, Wilma. She was an elevator operator in the building where he was working, and he had just been drafted and was about to spend the next three years in the service. They married three days after he returned, and remained together and in love for the next 63 years before her death.

Walnut Street

When Sharon Adams moved back to her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the late 1990s, she needed an electrician. She found a husband, Larry Adams, and together they embarked on a new undertaking: revitalizing their neighborhood one lot at a time. At StoryCorps, they remember how as their relationship grew, so did their involvement in the community. 

What’s for Dinner?

George Ju was born in China then later immigrated to Miami, where he ran a Chinese restaurant. One day while working at a party, he met Angela Rivas and immediately knew she was the one. A few days later, Angela agreed. After nearly 50 years of marriage, the two continue to share their lives, laughter, and love.

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