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Extra Credit with Adobe Express

Now that you have successfully recorded an interview and added your story to the Library of Congress, it’s time to share it with the world.

StoryCorps is partnering with Adobe to help bring your story to life with impactful images and other visual storytelling elements. Highlight special moments in your interview with free tools like Adobe Express Post, Adobe Express Page, and Adobe Express Video—get started below. Use pull quotes, historic photos, selfies, icons, and illustrations to enrich your story and share it online with family and friends in your community. You will need to create a free account with Adobe to access these tools.

FOR EDUCATORS: Check out Adobe’s Lesson Plan for The Great Listen.

Get Inspired with these Examples

Adobe Express makes it easy to create shareable graphics, pages and videos. Use the templates below as a starting point, or remix your own ideas. When you share, don’t forget to tag us @StoryCorps #TheGreatListen.

Use Adobe Express Posts

Create a shareable graphic that features an image and your favorite quotes from your interview. Or, use the text space to share whom you interviewed, where your conversation took place, and something you learned from talking with your interview partner. Share your post on social media along with a link to your StoryCorps interview. Click on an Adobe Express Post template below, or start from scratch.

Adobe Spark Post_ex1
Adobe Spark Post_ex3


Adobe Spark Post_ex2
Adobe Spark Post_ex1

Use Adobe Express Video

Create a shareable video that features images, quotes, text, or highlights from your interview partner. Add music or create your own voiceover to explain #TheGreatListen, whom you interviewed, and what you learned. Share this video along with a link to your StoryCorps interview. Watch this example and Get started with Adobe Express Video.


Use Adobe Express Pages

Create a shareable webpage with slideshow quotes, illustrations, or photos from your interview partner, and a link to your StoryCorps interview. Think of this as a landing page to introduce family and friends to your interview partner. Check out the example below, and Get started with Adobe Express Page.

Adobe Pages_ex1

More Resources for Educators

Looking for more great ideas from Adobe? The Adobe Education Exchange helps ignite creativity in classrooms worldwide by connecting educators through free professional development opportunities, teaching materials, and peer-to-peer collaboration. Check out Adobe Express in the Classroom for tips on how to guide students through this extra credit assignment.