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Memory Loss Initiative

Memory Loss Initiative

What was your childhood like? What lessons have you learned from your relationships? What were you like as a child? When did you first fall in love? What made you proud while you were working?

StoryCorps launched the Memory Loss Initiative to support and encourage people with various forms of memory loss to share their stories with loved ones and future generations.

Featured Stories from the Memory Loss Initiative

"What's your life like now, Dad?"
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"I'm always perfectly free to be me."
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StoryCorps DIY: Commemorate

StoryCorps DIY is an online learning hub for organizations seeking to embed storytelling into their work. We have a specific DIY course designed for organizations serving clients living with memory loss. This self-paced offers insights and best practices for creating a recording program to honor and preserve the stories of your clients. Register for the Commemorate course and see our other DIY resources here.
If you have any additional questions about the work that we do or about partnering, you can always reach us through our Help Center or email us at [email protected]org.

Support for the Memory Loss Initiative

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