At StoryCorps, we frequently discuss “the archive.” We’ve preserved over 350,000 interviews in our collection, which we also share with the American Folklife Center to create a collective repository of voices for future generations.

To coincide with National Archives Month in October, our Recording & Archive (R&A) department at StoryCorps has transformed it into “Archtoberfest!” Join us in celebrating Archtoberfest as the StoryCorps Archive team takes over our Instagram and X channels on #AskAnArchivistDay, Tuesday, October 11 to answer any questions you have about our archive! Follow us and engage in the conversation.

Curious about our archive?

To celebrate archtoberfest, here are a few stories from our archive about archivists!

Archiving, Mentoring, and Disaster Recovery

Brenda Gunn, an esteemed archivist, discusses her journey and her impactful work with organizations like the Society of American Archivists, the Society of Southwest Archivists, and the National Disaster Recovery Grant. Brenda and her colleague, Mary Manning, touch upon the importance of educating the public about archives, the mentors who shaped Brenda’s career, and her significant role during Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

Archiving Progress

Deborah Hollis and Janet Bishop, both friends and colleagues, delve into their experiences as African-American archivists in a candid conversation. They shed light on the evolving landscape of their field, reflecting on how demographics have shifted significantly over the past three decades.

Empowering the Arts

Kathleen Roe discusses her work in archives and recounts the story of Genevieve Hankins Hawke’s discrimination. Kate Corsaro shares her passion for musical theater and her mission to make the industry more inclusive. They delve into their personal connection through adoption and emphasize the importance of archiving and expanding the reach of the performing arts.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The Great Thanksgiving Listen encourages young people — and people of all ages — to create an oral history of our times by recording an interview with an elder, mentor, friend, or someone they admire. Participants can record an interview with someone in the same room using the free StoryCorps App or record with someone in a different location using our remote recording platform, StoryCorps Connect.