For the past two decades, StoryCorps has been collecting and preserving stories that embody the American experience. In celebration of our 20-year journey, we’re looking back at what we’ve accomplished and how–with the support of listeners who believe in the power of storytelling to change the world–we’ll continue to illuminate the humanity and possibility within each of us.

1. Collecting a nation full of stories

StoryCorps has created the largest archive of human voices ever recorded, bringing together 644,531 participants to share a conversation, record the wisdom of their humanity, and remind future generations of the life we are living today.

2. A tapestry of American experiences

Our online archive contains 357,963 conversations from every corner of the country, representing the full spectrum of the American experience. These stories range from reflections on significant historical events to everyday encounters, evoking a wide array of emotions, including inspiration, joy, nostalgia, and heartache.

3. Bringing StoryCorps to your doorstep

Our StoryCorps Mobile Tour has covered 243 stops in 217 cities, giving everyday Americans a chance to document and share their stories as a vital part of our nation’s history.

4. The magic of our mobile app

In 2015 we put the StoryCorps experience entirely in your hands. Since then, 757,558 individuals have used the app to record, preserve, and discover stories.

5. We help people explore the depths of their love

StoryCorps encourages us to have meaningful conversations with the people most important to us. Family, love, and childhood are the top keywords used to tag conversations on our app.

6. The Great Thanksgiving Listen

One of our most popular programs–which encourages young people to record an interview with an elder, mentor, friend, or someone they admire–has collected 150,000 intergenerational interviews since its launch in 2015.

7. Building a loyal audience

11 million listeners tune in to our broadcasts on NPR each week, and our animated shorts and broadcast stories have been viewed 34 million times across our digital platforms. Our digital audience continues to grow as we share our content on social media, our website, and with partners like Delta Airlines, Roku, Reader’s Digest, and AARP magazine.

8. … and a vast library

Our broadcasts, podcasts, and animations total 8,264 minutes of content that remind us all of who we are at our best.

9. Preserving them in our nation’s capital

The StoryCorps Archive, housed at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., comprises one of the first and the largest born-digital collections of human voices.

10. Celebrating diversity

We are dedicated to amplifying voices that often go unheard. The majority of our weekly broadcasts feature storytellers who self-identify with an underrepresented group, including: 26% Black or African American; 9% Latine; 6% Indigenous; 8% Asian American or Pacific Islander; and 13% LGBTQ+ (participants may identify with more than one group).

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11. Helping you DIY

StoryCorps DIY is a collection of multimedia resources for educators, libraries, and nonprofit organizations who want to embed StoryCorps practices into their classrooms and communities. Our self-paced, asynchronous courses give people tools, insights, and knowledge to encourage meaningful storytelling, create connections, and fuel learning within their community.

12. Initiatives that matter

We have launched 11 initiatives dedicated to collecting the vital stories of veterans, service members, and military families; LGBTQ+ Americans; families that have been impacted by the events of 9/11; and refugees, asylees, immigrants, and Muslims living in America; among many others and with more to come!

13. Making sure we’re all heard

StoryCorps has established five StoryBooths in select locations, partnering with local community organizations that serve diverse populations to ensure these voices are captured and preserved and to make the recording experience as accessible as possible. StoryBooth locations have included San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, with a permanent StoryBooth currently in Atlanta.

14. Reflecting a vast array of experiences

StoryCorps conversations capture the wisdom and experiences of everyday people, from our oldest participant, who was 111 years old at the time of recording, to our youngest, who was just about to turn 4 when she recorded.

15. Partnering with hundreds of great organizations

From local public radio stations to nonprofits that are changing the world, our partners help us lift every single initiative off the ground, onto the streets, and into your homes.

16. Humbly accepted awards and recognition

StoryCorps has received several George Foster Peabody Awards, a News & Documentary Emmy Award in 2016 for the animated short “Traffic Stop,” the TED Prize in 2015, and the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions in 2013.

17. Creating a culture of understanding

Our Learning and Engagement team has held over 150 presentations and workshops, sharing the StoryCorps model with organizations across the country. We empower them to create their own StoryCorps-inspired projects that capture the stories of their communities.

18. Stepping into someone else’s shoes

84% of listeners say StoryCorps helps them understand the experiences of those who are different from them and helps them see the value of everyone’s life story and experience.

19. Finding common ground

Content from One Small Step–our initiative to remind the country of our shared humanity–has successfully convinced more than 60% of listeners that it is possible to have meaningful conversations with someone who holds different political beliefs.

20. Inspiring hope

StoryCorps makes 81% of listeners feel positive about humanity, illuminating the best of us and helping us all to believe in each other.