We offer unique experiences for organizations of all kinds. A StoryCorps event can bring people together for meaningful conversation, and create an audio time capsule for your community.

Sponsor Interview Recording Days

Our trained staff can record stories anywhere in the United States, with our portable recording equipment and a quiet room provided by the host organization. Up to 6 interviews per day can be recorded using the StoryCorps model: 40 minutes of uninterrupted conversation between two people who know each other well—friends, colleagues, or loved ones. The interviews are added to StoryCorps’ collection in the Library of Congress, and a digital archive is given to the host organization.

Fee: $3,500-$6,000 per recording day.

Your event can be enhanced with a workshop or presentation, professional editing of your interviews, or use of the iconic StoryCorps MobileBooth.

Contact us to learn more at customservices@storycorps.org.

Stories from Our Partners

Image of Adrian Hawkins and Horace Atwater Jr.
Adrian Hawkins talks to his foster father, Horace Atwater Jr.
Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia
Image of George Robinson and his daughter Katie
“He put his hands on my face like he was trying to feel was I really his son.”
Image of John Byrne and Samantha Liebman
“I was very strict because I was afraid kids would discover I was gay.”
Image of Mamie Todd with her grandson, Ben Jealous, and her daughter Ann Todd Jealous
“He was a human being; I knew we had that much in common.”
Image of Dottie Copeland and her daughter Tina Nelson
“I dealt with it by saying to myself that I would fight this cancer like a boxing match.”
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Partner Highlights

  • Doernbecher Children's Hospital

    OSHU's Doernbecher Children's Hospital brought StoryCorps to record voices of childhood cancer, which was a healing and learning experience for kids who beat cancer, families who lost a child, and the doctors and hospital staff who helped them through their difficult journeys.
  • Geneva History Center

    To celebrate their town's 175th anniversary, the Geneva History Center hosted StoryCorps for five days of recordings, and used the interviews in an exhibit called Every Story Counts: Everyday Stories from Everyday Genevans.
  • Trust for the National Mall

    The Trust for the National Mall brought the StoryCorps MobileBooth to the Mall for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, to record stories of the Civil Rights Movement during the momentous event.
  • Holton-Arms School

    Make StoryCorps a tradition! Holton-Arms—an K-12 girls school in MD—has brought StoryCorps to their annual alumni reunion for five years to capture stories from every class of graduates.
  • OCA — Asian Pacific American Advocates

    StoryCorps joined OCA— Asian Pacific American Advocates at their National Convention, where attendees were invited to reflect on their lives and share their family histories.
View the complete list of all of our past partners here!

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Why StoryCorps
  • Preserve the stories of your community.
  • Celebrate major anniversaries and events.
  • Engage individuals who matter to your organization in a new way.
  • Strengthen bonds with your constituents and stakeholders.
  • Create unique content.

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