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Celebrating Medal Winners with Institute of Museum and Library Services

For almost a decade, StoryCorps has worked with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to record and preserve stories of their National Medal Winners. With support from IMLS, StoryCorps travels to each Medal-winning library and museum to record stories of their programs and communities.

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What we provide every year

  • Custom partnering guides and questions lists to inspire participants and great conversations
  • Three onsite recording days featuring five 40-minute conversations per day for each Medal-winning institution
  • One custom-produced audio story for each Medal-winning institution

Outcomes over the years

  • Recorded hundreds of stories with museum and library community members
  • Delivered all full-length released recorded conversations to the host institution and to IMLS
  • Archived and preserved all released conversations at the Library of Congress
  • Produced dozens of stories for IMLS to share on its website

Add-ons for IMLS

  • Blog post on storycorps.org highlighting the partnership
  • Online forum for staff members from Medal-winning institutions to share tips and tricks for StoryCorps recording days
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