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About StoryCorps OutLoud

StoryCorps recognizes the profound historical importance of capturing the stories of the LGBTQ community and the urgent need for this work to happen now. StoryCorps OutLoud is a multi-year initiative dedicated to recording and preserving LGBTQ stories across America.

OutLoud will honor the stories of those who lived before the 1969 Stonewall uprisings, celebrate the lives of LGBTQ youth, and amplify the voices of those most often excluded from the historical record. The end result will be a diverse collection of stories that will enrich our nation’s history.

Stories from StoryCorps OutLoud

Image of Samuel Taylor and Connie Casey
Samuel Taylor tells his mom, Connie Casey, about being in "ex-gay" conversion therapy as a teenager.
Recorded in Painesville, Ohio
Image of Alexis Martinez and Lesley Martinez Etherly
“I went as macho as I could be to mask what I was underneath. ”
Image of Michael Levine and Matthew Merlin
“The lights went up, the music went off, and you could hear a pin drop.”
Image of David Wilson
“EMTs arrived within minutes...”
Image of MJ Seide talks to her granddaughter Genna Alperin
“There was this hole that I had all of my life.”

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Storycorps Out Loud event Photography by Alissa Pagels

StoryCorps celebrated OutLoud in Chicago last Thursday with an amazing launch party! See all the good times on the We Are StoryCorps blog.

StoryCorps 6.28 Society

The 6.28 Society is a community of individuals dedicated to supporting StoryCorps' long-term commitment to the LGBTQ community.

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