“We're scarier than the person that's abusing them.”

If you saw Happy Dodson (L) and Taz Roman (R) roaring down the street on their motorcycles, you might be surprised by where they’re going.

Happy and Taz are members of an international group called Bikers Against Child Abuse.

Social workers, cops, and others refer children who have been abused to the bikers, who have to pass a federal background check. When they don’t feel safe, the kids can call Happy, Taz and their biker friends who come straight to the child’s house.

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Recorded in Norwich, Connecticut

Music Info: "Den Sista Fabriken" by Fredrik from the album Trilogi.

For the hotline number for the Connecticut chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse, click here.

Produced by Jasmyn Belcher
Facilitated by Luis Gallo
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