“The disconnect is huge.”

Marine Corporal Paul Wayman (L), served two combat tours in Iraq. His friend, Nathanael Roberti (R), is a former Navy SEAL who deployed to Afghanistan.

When they came back, they had trouble leaving the war behind.

Nathanael and Paul met in 2012, at a special court for veterans that takes into account the specific struggles that service members face.

The judge gave them a choice between incarceration or a program that helps vets readjust to civilian life. They chose to go through the program.

At StoryCorps, they talked about how they got there.

Paul begins…

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Nathanael and Paul are still working through the program and they hope to get their charges dismissed by the end of 2013.

In the business that they plan to run together, they will be teaching military skills to civilians.

Recorded in San Diego, California
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