“When I saw him coming, I ducked around the hall and hid from him.”

Patrick Haggerty grew up the son of a dairy farmer in rural Washington during the 1950s

As a teenager, Patrick began to understand he was gay–something he thought he was hiding well.

But as he told his daughter Robin, one day, when he went to perform at a school assembly, his father Charles Edward Haggerty, decided to have a serious talk with him.

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Recorded in Seattle, Washington
Music Info: "Patience for Books" by The Loom from the Album At Last Light

Patrick later formed a band, Lavender Country, whose self-titled 1973 album is the first known gay-themed album in country music history. For more info.

Photos courtesy of Paradise of Bachelors
Produced by Nadia Reiman
Facilitated by Luis Gallo
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