“He said, 'You make sure you call that teacher.'”

Al Siedlecki — or “Sie,” as his students call him — has been teaching science at Medford Memorial Middle School in New Jersey for more than three decades.

But a few years back, as Sie was helping a group of students study for a test, something happened that in all his years of teaching had never happened before:

As it turns out, the doctor on the phone was Lee Buono, who was one of Sie’s students back in the 1980s. Today, he’s a neurosurgeon. At StoryCorps, the two sat down to tell the rest of their story.

Recorded in Medford, New Jersey
Al and Lee were at the Launch of StoryCorp's National Teachers Initiative in Washington DC. To watch video of their speech click here.
Produced by Brian Reed
Facilitated by Daniel Littlewood
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