“This medal was very precious to my parents.”

Captain Zachariah Fike is an Army National Guardsman on a special mission.

He finds Purple Heart medals for sale in antique stores and on the internet, buys them, tracks down their rightful owners, and returns them.

So far, he has reunited five families with lost medals.

The first one belonged to Corrado Piccoli, an Army translator who was killed in Europe during World War II.

At StoryCorps Captain Fike and that soldier’s sister, Adeline Rockko, remembered their first conversation.

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Recorded in New York City, New York
If you have a Purple Heart medal that you would like to return to the soldier's family, you can contact Captain Zachariah Fike through Purple Hearts Reunited.
Produced by Michael Garofalo
Facilitated by Michael Garofalo
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