By Laura Greenberg, StoryCorps participant

I have long been a fan of StoryCorps, but in 2010 when my daughter Rebecca suggested we visit the StoryCorps booth in Atlanta, Georgia, I was hesitant. “What could we have to talk about?” I thought. “I wasn’t in a war or part of anything important. This is silly.” 

“Just do it,” she said, and so I started talking about growing up with my no-boundaries parents and the chaotic fun that upbringing instilled in my life. Recording was a blast—but what really blew me away was how much our conversation resonated with people all over. Listeners laughed alongside our antics and saw themselves in our family’s love for each other and our unconventional ways of expressing it. Our little slice of life became so much more.

Listen to our conversation here.

After that story was broadcast on NPR and took off, StoryCorps Founder Dave Isay told me they were hoping for more funny stories like it. And that’s what made me want to get more involved: because we all need more funny stories! Everybody has something to share, even if it turns out to be a silly moment about a father conducting a record player symphony from his lounge chair.

The joy of my story isn’t just in the telling; every time it gets re-aired, animated, or otherwise starts making the rounds again, I am gratified all over again by the response. And I get to remember my own parents and share them with the world.

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