The ties that bind us, the stories that remind us. This May, we’re releasing our new animated season: “We Belong to Each Other,” a collection of stories that show how we care for one another through word and deed.

Lola’s Work

Crescenciana “Lola” Tan, originally from the Philippines, came to California to help raise her grandkids. Her daughter Olivia and grandson Kenneth came to StoryCorps to share some of the lessons she imparted and the memories they cherish from Lola’s storied life.

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Star Bound

Six-year-old Jerry Morrison is obsessed with outer space — so of course his favorite person to talk to is his uncle Joey Jefferson, a Mission Operations Engineer at NASA. They talk all about favorite planets, how much more there is to learn, and Joey’s hopes for Jerry’s future.

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Hand in Hand

Growing up in Wyoming in the 1950s, Sissy Goodwin started wearing his sister’s dresses. At first, he hid his clothing preferences, but when he shared that part of himself with his soon-to-be wife, Vickie, she supported him. Sissy and Vickie talk about the early days of their five-decade-long marriage, the tough times, and how they lovingly forged a new path together.

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The Little Things

Herman Travis makes weekly deliveries of groceries to his elderly neighbors in a low-income housing complex. He’s joined at StoryCorps with one of those residents and friends, Robert Cochran, to talk about that weekly commitment and how much it matters.

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