In this season of the StoryCorps Podcast, we delve into what happens when individuals interview their parents, partners, or children — the ones who matter the most to them. Unlike a journalist, it’s someone they deeply cherish asking the questions. These stories are about people who have forged their own paths, done things their own way. Join us as we explore this archive, unveiling an unprecedented and candid portrayal of contemporary American life.

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My Way

In “My Way,” the new season of the StoryCorps podcast— stories from people who found a rhythm all their own and confidently marched to it their whole lives. Our first episode features a graduate of Hamburger University, one man’s remarkably brave appearance on conservative radio in the 1990s, a New Yorker who took his mugger out to dinner, and more.

The Birds, the Bees and My Dad

Howie Gordon starred in over a hundred porn films in the 70s and 80s under the name Richard Pacheco. But his greatest role was as a father. At StoryCorps, he talked with his son Bobby Gordon about sex, shame, and dirty movies.

Peter the Wolf

Judd Esty-Kendall’s father was an animal lover who filled their house with raccoons, hawks, and critters of every size. At times it was more like a zoo than a home.

But there was one creature Judd’s father treasured above the rest: A gray wolf.

Nothing Left Unsaid

Jackie Miller and her son, Scott Miller, always shared everything with each other, even if it was hard. Scott knew his mother wanted to live life on her own terms, but he wasn’t prepared for how she wanted to end it. 

The Phantom of the World’s Fair

In 1964, a 12-year-old paperboy from suburban Long Island spent nearly two weeks hiding among the gleaming attractions of the New York World’s Fair. His adventure caused a media sensation, but the world only learned half the story.

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