Before we close the door on 2020 (something many of us are quite anxious to do!), the StoryCorps Mobile Tour would like to take a moment to reflect on the 2020 tour, which was certainly challenging but also full of wonderful people, important stories, and valuable work. After our second stop of the year, in response to the pandemic, the Mobile Tour took all its operations to the virtual space and began recording stories using a newly developed online platform that mirrored our in-person recording process in an exciting and innovative way. While we missed visiting with people on the ground, we were humbled and honored by the willingness of our participants and the continued commitment of our public radio station and local community partners to join us on this new adventure.

Over the course of the year we heard many heart and mind expanding stories. Across all our stops people reflected on the fear, anxiety, and sense of loss brought about by the pandemic, they gave voice to the frustrations and hope embedded in the Black Lives Matter movement, and celebrated the people and connections that inspired them. Pain and anxiety were prevalent, but so was joy and love. Through all the conversations we were privileged to witness wove a remarkable theme of resilience and a determination to simply keep at it. To keep loving, advocating, teaching, and, most importantly, to keep listening. Please join us for a brief look and listen back on 2020.

a landscape photograph of a silver airstream trailer with the red StoryCorps logo painted on the side, on a patch of asphalt surrounded by grass in front of a forested hill and bright blue skies. The door to the trailer is open, and some cabinets and recording equipment are visible inside.

Santa Monica, CA

Station Partner: KCRW
Collaborating Partner: SMC Emeritus Program
Site Partner: Downtown Santa Monica – 3rd Street Promenade
Standout Community Partners: Las Fotos Project, the 18th Street Arts Center, and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Santa Monica-produced stories:

Montage of Santa Monica Stories:

*Produced by Ava Ahmadbeigi

Hear a piece from the ARC recordings here: Phu Van Huyhn & Phu Sam Huynh

*Produced by Mia Raquel

One more from the SM stop: Sara Velasco & Cristina Lash

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*Produced by Mia Raquel

San Joaquin Valley, CA

Station Partner: Valley Public Radio
Fresno Site Partner: CMAC, the Community Media Access Collaborative (learn more about them here!)
Bakersfield Field Recording Host: Beale Memorial Library
Standout Community Partners: Bakersfield College, Qistory, Yonsei Memory Project

*Produced by KQED

San Joaquin-produced stories:

Montage of SJV stories:

* Produced by Ava Ahmadbeigi

*Produced by KVPR

Diane Flowers & Marilyn Harris

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*produced by Mia Raquel

Boise, ID: Our first “virtual” stop!

Station Partner: Boise State Public Radio
Thank you to JUMP, who would have been our site partner
Standout Community Partner: Refugee Speakers Bureau
Refugee speakers bureau offers a platform and support services to Refugees across Idaho. They are constantly trying to use storytelling to further their mission and helped pilot our newly updated storytelling workshop.

Boise-produced stories:

Montage of Boise stories:

* Produced by Ava Ahmadbeigi

Montana: Our first statewide stop!

Station Partner: MTPR
Map of participant locations
Standout Community Partner: Missoula Art Museum
MAM does an incredible job at engaging local artists through storytelling practices. During our partnership they chose to highlight the voices of contemporary Native artists. They also took part in our storytelling workshop and have since used SC tools to record independent conversations. Listen to some of those here!

Montana-produced stories:

*Produced by MTPR

*Produced by MTPR

The Lewis Clark Valley/Pacific Northwest

Station Partner: Northwest Public Broadcasting
Map of participants
Standout Community Partner: Monastery of St. Gertrude
The Monastery at St. Gertrude added some wonderful local conversations to the archive around topics of personal faith and community engagement.

LCV-produced stories:

*Produced by NWPB

Bay Area, CA

Station Partner: KQED
Standout Community Partner: Charlotte Maxwell Clinic
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic provides integrative cancer care to low-income women. The clinic coordinated an entire recording day between caregivers and care receivers which highlighted the mission of the organization and its impact in the community.

Bay Area-produced stories:

*Produced by KQED

*Bronte Sorotsky & Eddie Huijon

Las Vegas, NV

Station Partner: Nevada Public Radio
Standout Community Partner: Forced Trajectory Project
Forced Trajectory Project is a multimedia project that examines the impact that Police Brutality has on the lives of individuals and communities. Through our partnership with them, they were able to highlight the voices of victims of police violence and their family members.

Las Vegas-produced stories:

Montage of Las Vegas Stories:

*Produced by Mia Raquel

High Plains

Station Partner: HPPR
Map of participants
Standout Community Partner: Center City of Amarillo
Center City of Amarillo is an organization that seeks to revitalize Amarillo’s historic downtown. Through our partnership they chose to highlight the voices of individuals with strong ties to Amarillo’s history and evolution.

West Texas

Station Partner: Marfa Public Radio
Map of participants
Standout Community Partner: Terlingua Community
Terlingua is considered a “ghost town” in Brewster County Texas. Storycorps Virtual allowed us to gather quite a few stories from this remote location which tackled topics from environmental activism to covid-19 to the unique experiences that led folks to settle in Terlingua proper.