“Enjoy art, because enjoying art is a part of healing.”

Resurreccion “Sony” Florendo sat down with her husband, Gerardo Florendo, and their son, Luis Florendo, to record this Legacy interview in partnership with Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Listen to an excerpt from Resurreccion’s conversation:

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lsk001502_sta4Recorded in December 2015, Resurreccion talks about discovering her love for painting after curating an art exhibit of Philippine masters. At the exhibit, Resurreccion’s friend saw potential in her as an artist and offered to teach her to paint, “I had never painted in my life, but after two lessons, I picked it up and started painting.” Resurreccion was 77 years old at the time, and in the year since she began painting, she has completed over 70 pieces, noting, “I caught up with my age.”

At the end of the excerpt, Resurreccion discusses how breast cancer has kept her from painting but has not affected her creativity, “Sometimes lying down in this hospital bed, I feel like I’m painting the ceiling. I want to paint the ceiling.”

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