StoryCorps takes pride in welcoming interns with a diverse set of experiences, talent, and—most importantly—a willingness to learn and contribute to the mission and goals of our organization. The stellar work of each cohort never ceases to elevate departments  across the organization. We are proud of the lasting impact of each of our interns.

Recently, we had the pleasure of honoring our Winter/Spring 2024 cohort with an internship graduation ceremony for completing their programs. Prior to graduating, we asked them, What do you consider to be the highlight of your internship experience at StoryCorps? Enjoy learning about what some of them had to say.

Lily Blaustein, Social Media & Digital Engagement Intern

My StoryCorps internship experience has been filled with so much valuable learning. The highlight of my experience has been seeing hard work pay off! Moments like producing a viral TikTok or seeing increased engagement on the revamp of our “Talking Tuesday” initiative have shown me that it’s possible to build from the ground up and see real results. There’s nothing more gratifying than spending time carefully planning and then watching your ideas come to life successfully!

Joia Putnoi, Production Intern

Getting to sit down each day, plug in my headphones, and absorb the limitless kaleidoscope of stories in the archive has been quite remarkable. Taking those stories, pairing down hours to minutes, and presenting powerful, bite-sized conversations has sharpened my production skills & expanded my empathy and confidence along the way. It has been the greatest pleasure getting to work alongside the Production team here!

Rikita Spencer, StoryCorps Studios Intern

The highlight of my internship experience has been learning from the incredibly talented individuals a part of StoryCorps Studios. The work they do is so robust and they all care so deeply about StoryCorps’ methodology and the companies and organizations seeking conversations. Working alongside them has greatly contributed to my professional development.

Congratulations to all of our Winter/Spring 2024 graduates. We are wishing you the best of luck in your next chapter!

The StoryCorps Internship Program is designed for incoming college students, current or returning college students, recent college graduates and career-changing individuals interested in gaining valuable experience in a creative, fast-paced nonprofit organization. We offer three internship sessions: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall. Say up-to-date on upcoming internship opportunities