Jim Bishop has been hard at work on an elaborate medieval castle on a remote mountain in the Colorado Rockies for the past quarter century. Bishop Castle is, in Bishop’s words, “The world’s biggest — with the help of God — one-man physical project, always open free to the public. A place of liberty, freedom, and justice. The poor man’s Disneyland.”

Bishop Castle has (or will have) waterfalls, wishing wells, fountains, wrought-iron gates, a wrought-iron-and-glass scenic elevator, a gravity-belt escalator, a fire-breathing dragon — and more. It was inspired by Bishops awe of the Colorado Rockies. After putting $450 on the piece of property at the age of fifteen, Bishop began working . . . and working . . . and working. The project continues to this day.

Recorded in Rye, Colorado. Premiered February 24, 1994, on All Things Considered.

This documentary comes from Sound Portraits Productions, a mission-driven independent production company that was created by Dave Isay in 1994. Sound Portraits was the predecessor to StoryCorps and was dedicated to telling stories that brought neglected American voices to a national audience.