Danny Perasa proposed to Annie, his future wife, on their first date, and she accepted.

Danny and Annie came to StoryCorps in 2004 to talk about that first date—and how their love for each other has only grown in the 27 years since then.

After their first interview, Danny and Annie instantly became part of the StoryCorps family. Danny came back to StoryCorps again and again to interview the characters he knew, and to talk about his love for Annie. He even offered to record an interview documenting his cataract surgery. Then, in 2006, Danny was diagnosed with a fast-spreading, terminal cancer. He wanted to record one last interview with Annie, so StoryCorps went to their home in Brooklyn. Danny Perasa passed away a week later.

Listen to the Perasas’ second interview and an update from Annie.

Watch “Danny & Annie,” the StoryCorps animation of the Perasas’ interviews.

Originally aired August 11, 2004, on NPR’s Morning Edition.