John Torres Sr. grew up in the Bronx and fell in love with Lucha Libre, the freestyle wrestling popular in Mexico.

He found fellow enthusiasts at the Bronx Wrestling Federation, where a motley crew of men — plumbers, lawyers and police officers — moonlit as Lucha Libre showmen.

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John joined their ranks and quickly became a star in the city. But his biggest fan was his son: John Torres Jr.

John Torres Jr. came to StoryCorps with his dad’s best friend and fellow wrestler, Abraham Guzman, to remember John Sr., who died in 2011.

Top photo: Abraham Guzman (L) putting John Torres Jr. in a friendly chokehold at the StoryCorps booth in New York City. Photo by Liyna Anwar.
Bottom photo: John Torres Sr., who wrestled as The Falcon, is pictured at a wrestling match in 2010. Courtesy of John Torres Jr.

Originally aired October 05, 2018, on NPR’s Morning Edition.