People often come to StoryCorps with those who have made an impact on their lives. In this piece, we hear from a cabaret performer and his elementary school music teacher.

Russ King grew up outside of Minneapolis in the 1970s. He sat down with his music teacher,  Paige Macklin, 50 years later, to tell her about a choice she made, and how it changed his life.

Top photo: Paige Macklin and Russell King at their StoryCorps interview in St. Paul, MN on November 14, 2019. By John Miller for StoryCorps.
Middle photo: Russell King at age 12. Courtesy of Russell King.
Bottom photo: Paige Macklin at in the early 1970s. Courtesy of Paige Macklin.

Originally aired January 10, 2020, on NPR’s Morning Edition.